Our Ayurveda Expert
Bhagyalakshmi R. SIRA  is our Ayurveda doctor. She has more than 10 years of experience in authentic ayurveda practice. Her indepth knowledge of European life style and food habits enables her to diagnose and treat various disorders according to ayurvedic principles. She is registered by EMR, EGK and ASCA. Majority of supplementary insurances accept our treatments and counselling costs. Please clarify directly with your health insurance company  about the refund of therapies.. more
Ayurveda Massage
Abhyanga (Ayurveda massage) is a unique style of a massage, it soothes the nervous system, cleanses the body and relaxes the mind. A truly nurturing experience that is beneficial for your nervous and endocrine systems, enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, improves muscle tone and brings overall balance to your body. 
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